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Anonymous asked: I think abstinence education should be taught as an option, just like safe and unsafe sex are taught as options. If children aren't least informed about what abstinence is you are ripping away their chance at a life without STDs, teenage pregnancy, or emotional damage. And that makes you a heartless, moral deprived cockroach. Have fun with your impure life


Here is abstinence education…

"Hey kids, don’t have sex!"

That’s it. That’s all it is.

And yet, people have made entire curricula out of abstinence only education. The only way that is possible is if they load it up with religion. Not everyone wants that for their kids. And if they do, why can’t that be taught at their place of worship? Why must it be forced into public schools? 

The idea of abstinence was born in ancient religious texts. If you’ll indulge me I’d like to share an example. 

"If a man seduces a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her, he shall give the bride-price for her and make her his wife"

Exodus 22:16

If you are unfamiliar, the “bride-price” is payment to the girl’s family. If you have sex with a girl, you have to buy her and marry her. 

This is from where your righteousness stems. This is the genesis of abstinence. This is the pure life you are trying to emulate.

To me, teaching people how to have safe consensual sex seems the ethical, heartfelt thing to do.

Buying young girls after you have sex with them seems like something a morally deprived cockroach might do.

Oh, and one more thing. 


A Texas OB/GYN Details the Horrific Consequences of Abortion Restrictions


If you’re as invested in the abortion debate as I am, this is a must-read. Here is the account of an OB/GYN in Texas, who spent 40 years performing abortion services for women, on the current status of women’s healthcare in Texas.

I know people don’t like clicking on links, so here are some snippets: 

"My first hysterectomy as a resident was on a 16-year-old who had an illegal abortion. Her pelvis was nothing but pus. That’s the sort of thing we saw all the time…two or three women like this every night. That’s what we’re headed towards now….Because of the restrictions lawmakers impose, women will seek abortions illegally, and we’re going to see a rise in septic abortions."

"The ultrasound requirement and state mandated information [women must get an ultrasound and listen to a description of the fetus] are nothing but scare tactics. Most o the women whose pregnancies I’ve terminated already have kids. They know what pregnancy is. They know it’s a fetus, so it’s ridiculous to force them to have an ultrasound."

I personally find this man’s account to be both horrifying and necessary. 

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Zanele Muholi: Of Love & Loss (2014) - Currently showing at Stevenson Gallery in Johannesberg (South Africa) from 14 February - 4 April 2014.

The opening coincides with the presentation of a prestigious Prince Claus Award to Muholi.

Gallery Statement:

In times of increasingly homophobic legislation enacted by African countries and in a climate of intolerance towards homosexuals in the Western world, South Africa distinguishes itself with a Constitution that recognises same-sex marriages; yet the black LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community is plagued by hate crimes. Black lesbians are particularly vulnerable and are regularly victims of brutal murders and ‘curatives rapes’ at the hand of neighbours or ‘friends’.

Since 2013 Muholi has been documenting weddings and funerals in the black LGBTI community in South Africa, joyful and painful events that often seem to go hand in hand. The show features photographs, video works and an installation highlighting how manifestations of sorrow and celebration bear similarities and are occasions to underline the need for a safe space to express individual identities.

As Muholi writes:

Ayanda Magoloza and Nhlanhla Moremi’s wedding in Katlehong took place four months after Duduzile Zozo was murdered in Thokoza. Promise Meyer and Gift Sammone’s wedding in Daveyton took place on 22 December in Daveyton, 15 days after Maleshwane Radebe was buried in Ratanda. Six months earlier, Ziningi and Delisile Ndlela were married in Chesterville, Durban. Many in the area attended the ceremony, blessed the newlywed couple and prayed for them and their children. We long for such blessings as we continue to read about the trials and tribulations that LGBTI persons experience in their churches, where homosexuality is persecuted. In 2014, when South African democracy celebrates its 20 years, it seems more important than ever to raise again our voice against hate crimes and discriminations made towards the LGBTI community.

The exhibition includes also a series of autobiographical images, intimate portraits of Muholi and her partner taken during their travels, a tender counterpoint to the tension still generated in South Africa today by same-sex and interracial relationships.

see her past work here.

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